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At Dynamic Foundations, we've created an entire array of highly useful, relevant, and, when appropriate, customizable surveys for you and your organization. Surveys serve many purposes. Surveys:

  • Create an opportunity for direct, routine, and timely feedback and dialogue

  • Give people an opportunity to tell you the truth

  • Create a useful dataset for planning and improvement purposes

  • Create a moving measure of progress

  • Provide highly useful information about many things in a condensed format

  • Provide a "reality check" for leaders and managers

  • Identify ongoing improvement opportunities

"...You have to ask."

We believe in the saying "feedback is the breakfast of champions." If you want to know what employees are thinking, you have to ask them. If you want to know what your customers or clients are thinking, you have to ask them. If you want to know what your teams are thinking; you have to ask them. If you want to know how happy or unhappy your customers or clients are, you have to ask them. If you want to know how successful you are in your efforts to increase your customers' or clients' loyalty, you have to ask them if they're likely to return to you for your products or services and if they're likely to tell others good things about their experiences with you. If you want to have useful information for your service and quality improvement efforts, you have to have useful data. You have to ask! 

Intuition about how your employees or your customers feel about things will indeed take you far, but good and solid data will get your farther. Surveys help close the all important "feedback loop" on service, quality, and effectiveness. We can help. We have created the following surveys for use in all kinds of organizations:

  • WorkScope, our customizable employee opinion survey

  • CCSQ, our customized survey and feedback approach to Customer and Client Service Satisfaction and Service Quality feedback instruments

  • TeamScope, our behaviorally specific survey instrument that helps team members look at just how well they're actually working together

"WorkScope" is the employee opinion survey we created to focus our client organizations on the key ingredients and building blocks of successful organizations and extraordinary workplaces. 

WorkScope gives leaders and managers in all kinds of organizations a solid platform of valuable information to use for effective development of their organization's work environment and culture. Unlike other surveys which address a general level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction in an organization, WorkScope sheds a very clear light on key elements and behaviors which powerfully influence organizational success, especially organizational culture.

"WorkScope™ is a very powerful and useful tool. It gives leaders and managers a solid platform of information to use for effective decision-making."


  • Addresses items leaders, managers, and employees feel are most important in their organizations

  • Incorporates factors that deeply influence organizational culture, work environment, and, ultimately, results

  • Is designed for organization-wide use or use in departments and individual work units

  • Invites employees to consider and give their input (ideally on a semi-annual basis) on these items and gives them a chance to consider and comment on them

  • Includes a section for customization for organization-specific or department-specific items.

When organizations use WorkScope:

  • Leaders and managers have a "clear window" of data on major factors influencing the current organizational culture, work environment, and organizational results

  • The facts uncovered create a foundation for focused urgency and attention on core issues that contribute to organizational culture, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and long term organizational profitability and success

  • Employees throughout the organization have a regularly occurring and completely confidential opportunity to speak up and provide feedback

  • Leaders, managers, and employees have a "closed loop:" 

    • everyone throughout the organization has an opportunity to speak

    • leaders and managers have an opportunity to listen to what survey participants had to say

    • leaders, managers, and employees have an opportunity to jointly consider what it all means

    • the organization has a genuine opportunity to consider and choose what actions it will take to move forward

    • the organization uses subsequent WorkScope survey results to measure progress made

  • Employee perceptions/opinions are captured at measurable moments in time on a routine basis giving leaders and managers the equivalent of an "early warning system" on issues and problems in need of attention

  • WorkScope becomes a platform for routine and focused dialogue in the organization, and indicator of organizational alignment and focus (leaders find out how "smooth or bumpy" the ride will likely be)

  • The organization clarifies organizational and management strengths and weaknesses

  • The organization has a way to identify opportunities for organizational and management strengthening and improvement

  • The organization has a formal set of numbers and measures to use as an ongoing work environment “report card”

  • Senior leaders and managers have a sense of how far/fast they can move the organization and its employees forward

  • Leaders and managers have a regularly-occurring “reality-check”


In many organizations and in many businesses, service is turning out to be THE distinguishing characteristic of the organization. In a world where products and services are starting to look increasingly similar, service quality is what brings people back again and again. Dynamic Foundations helps organizations zero in on the factors that improve service quality, and satisfaction.  We call our approach to service satisfaction and quality, CCSQ.

"In a world where products and services are starting to look increasingly similar, service quality is what brings people back again and again."

We believe that there are two dimensions in organizations today that are closely linked, joined at the hip, if you will. They are workplace employee work environment and customer/client service satisfaction. Contemporary research is showing a clear light on just how closely customer satisfaction and loyalty are directly linked to employee workplace work environment. Just as what is good about an organization, or what ails it, eventually appears in the work environment, what is best or worst about that work environment usually shows up in service satisfaction and loyalty.

Our approach to customer and client service satisfaction and service quality is one of customization to the particular needs of the organization. While we have a basic approach to service satisfaction surveys, we individualize our basic survey for use by our individual clients. Our approach is anything but a cookie cutter approach. 

We have seen many of our competitors' surveys, and while they approach general levels of satisfaction, we believe that our CCSQ approach lends itself to a far greater level of sophistication about what ultimately speaks most importantly to the customer or client . We have found that specific behaviors lend themselves to increased likelihood of satisfaction. We work with our clients to help them isolate the specific behaviors their particular client requires and we then use a feedback loop approach to monitor the effectiveness of the behaviors. Let us help you grow your success through great service.


Teams seem to be everywhere these days, While most teams start out with big plans and high hopes, they often turn out very differently. Sometimes they get stuck. Sometimes they get stale. Sometimes they simply run out of steam. What seems to be common is that they often perform not nearly as well as the organization needs. TeamScope goes beyond what stage of formation or development the team is in; it gives you solid information about what you need to focus on to get your team moving and back on track to results.

Our surveys are very powerful and instructive tools. Contact us about how they might be useful in your organization. Write us at rjm@dynamicfoundations.com or call us at (715) 842-9842.

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