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About Dynamic Foundations, LLC

Who is Dynamic Foundations, LLC?

Dynamic Foundations, LLC is a management consulting practice with specialized expertise in a broad variety of subjects related to the building blocks of powerful organizations and extraordinary workplace work environments. 

"We develop the core capacities of people and organizations to be outrageously and wildly successful."

Our mission at Dynamic Foundations, is to develop the core capacities of people and organizations to be outrageously and wildly successful. We meet our goal when our clients consistently improve their performance in increasingly complex situations. In practical terms. it means we help our clients to do what it takes to become wildly successful.

Dynamic Foundations, along with its network of preferred professionals, works on issues related to organization development and human resource practices and administration. All the work we perform with our clients falls into one of the three following closely-linked areas:

  • Organizational and individual capacity building via assessment, coaching, facilitation, learning, discipline, and practice, performance measurement and surveys. The results of successful capacity building enhance organizational reinvention and renewal, alignment, strategic performance development and productivity improvement for individuals, departments, teams, work units, etc.

  • Measurement tools and systems to monitor:

    • Employee workplace work environment

    • Customer/client service satisfaction

    • Effectiveness of teams

  • Human Resource administration services (consulting on the organizational structures and practices that apply to how human beings work in organizations)

What "Help" does Dynamic Foundations provide?

We develop the core capacities of organizations and individuals to be successful. We help organizations prepare and manage employees and work environments for collaboration, creativity, and outrageously successful results. We do this through proven, consistent, learnable, and replicable approaches:

1  Relevant and powerful insight about organizations and people:

We listen and observe uniquely. We provide focused listening, keen observation, insight, great questions, and practical advice and counsel in service of increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes. We help our clients develop their fundamental capacities to make successful outcomes happen through practice and practical application of what they learn.

2 "Set-ups" for successful outcomes, organizations, and people:

We help our clients remove “accident,” “luck,” and “serendipity” from their individual, professional, and organizational lives. We help clients clarify their picture of the future they want, and then engage themselves powerfully in it with determination and discipline.

3  Great coaching for organizations, teams, and individuals:

We help our clients learn to see things in new and powerful ways. Through our facilitative and coaching work, we help our individual and organizational clients move past where they are stuck so that they can move themselves to where they want to be. We help our clients create space and possibility for themselves where they may have once thought none existed.

4  Surveys and Assessment tools

We have found much truth and wisdom in the old adage that "you can't manage what you don't measure." We are believers of this sage advice, and we help our clients zero in on their measures of success. We use surveys extensively as report cards for progress: our workplace work environment survey, our customer service satisfaction feedback system, and our team health survey. We recognize that it's hard to measure some things that organizations do. Indeed, it IS hard work. But we also encourage and help our clients to look at their own work and results very critically and push themselves to create measures for what may have seemed completely impossible to measure.

5  Human Resource Practices and Programs

We help clients focus on their business without the distraction of endless details related to the administrative requirements of Human Resource management. We serve our clients with practical solutions to their human resource administrative needs.

Ray Mickevicius

Ray Mickevicius, rjm@dynamicfoundations.com, is the founder and President of Dynamic Foundations, LLC. He has extensive experience as an organization developer, business coach, psychotherapist, programs developer, and facilitator. His expertise includes: organizational and cultural assessment and transformation, change management and facilitation, leadership/executive/ team/management development and coaching, business plan development, and organizational reengineering and systems redesign.

He assists organizations, individuals, and teams achieve peak performance by aligning their values, mission, strategy, leadership, structures, culture, and employees to be successful. Addressing workplace environment issues and business coaching are an integral part of this work.

Mr. Mickevicius has over twenty-five years of management and non-management experience and formal training as an organizational and business coach. His clients include healthcare, government, business, manufacturing, insurance, and retail organizations. He has coached senior executives, middle managers, and employees in a broad spectrum of industries.

Mr. Mickevicius' article, “Lessons from a Shared Journey --Transforming Organizational Culture” appeared in the journal, “Surgical Services Management”, Volume 2, number 5. He earned his Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree at The University of Chicago. 

Call us at (715) 842-9842 or email us at: rjm@dynamicfoundations.com.

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