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For organizations to be outrageously successful these days, they and the people in them need capacity building. At Dynamic Foundations, we offer a wide variety of assessments to identify where help is needed. Once we come to an agreement on the targets for our work, we help organizations put their building blocks in place while increasing their capacity to do so on an ongoing basis.

"To be outrageously successful these days, organizations need capacity building."


C-A-P-A-C-I-T-I-E-S is the acronym we've chosen to capture the essence of what we do to help people and organizations succeed. "CAPACITIES" are the very heart of the building blocks of success. They are the steady themes in our work with people and organizations.

Critical Thinking  Learning to think about things in new, powerful, and freeing ways
Assessment Applying critical thinking skills to assess strategy, customers, results, structures, organizations, teams, individuals
Partnership Progressively building "people" skills to consistently move beyond cooperation to real collaboration
Alignment Assuring that values, customers, mission, vision, strategies, leadership, structures, and culture...are all on the "same page"
Coachability Staying open to learning for achieving outrageous levels of success 
Improvisation Learning to "dance with complexity"
Trust Strengthening the "glue" that holds great organizations together
Integrity Making sure that actions are consistent with promises and commitments
Engagement Learning to connect with hearts and imagination and possibility
Sustainment Holding on to and building upon the gains one makes over time

Assessment Services:

How do we get our arms around what a client needs? We rely on the following assessments to get at our clients' core needs and help build their capacities for success. We customize our assessment services and tools for each client.


  • WorkScope Survey
  • CCSQ
  • TeamScope Survey

Assessments of:

  • Organizations, their culture, and work environment
  • Organizational readiness-for-change
  • Leadership
  • Executives
  • Teams
  • Management Development and Management Core Competency
  • Projects that are not moving ahead as desired
  • CCSQ, assessment of client and customer service and service quality

WorkScope Survey:

We are especially proud of our "WorkScope" Survey. WorkScope is an employee opinion survey. The survey addresses issues that pertain to the building blocks of successful organizations and extraordinary workplaces with a focus on the primary contributors to organizational culture.   


CCSQ is our system for addressing the level of customer and client service satisfaction and service quality. It provides a powerful foundation of feedback and data for leaders and managers interested in increasing customer and client loyalty.


TeamScope helps members of teams of all kinds take a close look at just how well they're doing and points at practical areas for improvement


Based on our individualized assessments, we offer the following:

  • Facilitation of organizational change efforts, including organizational renewal, reinvention, service improvement, and cultural transformation
  • Facilitation of the articulation of values, mission, vision, strategy
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Executive and management performance development and coaching
  • Team renewal, startup, development, and coaching
  • Group and meeting facilitation
  • Partnership start up ("how are we going to work together and make sure that we're successful?")
  • Partnership, team, and project team "tune-ups"
  • Project breakdown coaching

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