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Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

One of the most important building blocks for a highly successful organization and an extraordinary workplace is "organizational culture." We define organizational culture as the set of shared beliefs, truths, assumptions, and values that operate in organizations.  Organizational culture has been described as "...how people behave when no one is looking." 

"...We believe that organizations will ultimately get only as far as their organizational cultures take them."

Why should you think about this in your organization? Because "behind the scenes" of what happens in the day-to-day life of organizations and employees... is culture. Culture is everywhere. It directly impacts what happens...or does not happen in organizations. At Dynamic Foundations, we place so much stock in organizational culture that we believe organizations will ultimately get only as far as their organizational cultures take them. 

Furthermore, something is driving the development of your culture and sustaining it. Organizational culture is a result of that which precedes it. Why is this so important to understand and what does this mean for you in your organization? It means that if you want to address issues related to your culture, you must focus on the key elements that come together to create and sustain it.

Organizations are more than they appear to be on the surface. Behind products, policies, services, and rewards are the ingredients which determine the results in organization. We believe that organizational culture is a primary, if not THE primary determinant of that which separates "champion" from "also-ran" organizations.  We believe an organization can go only as far as its culture takes it.  We help organizations get their "cultural bearings," get a clear sense of how far they are from where they wish to be, and what it will take to get "there." Then we help organizations move themselves forward.

Organizational Cultural Transformation

Organizational cultural transformation is not for the faint of heart. In fact, many attempts at transforming an organization fail, for a variety of reasons:

  • "Playing at it" or "dabbling" with it until it's no longer fun

  • Not applying the kind of leadership that would best meet the needs of the situation

  • Intervening in the wrong places or at the wrong time

  • Not taking this work seriously enough

  • Not giving it enough time or attention

  • Senior leaders "delegating" this work (rather than committing and investing their own time and energies)

  • Knowing what needs to be done but being unwilling to do it...to go all the way

  • Not having the people and tools available internally to get the job done

  • Inability to engage all the right people in the process

  • Underestimating how big an undertaking this really is

At Dynamic Foundations, we have every intention of seeing our clients succeed. We help our clients finish what they start and to "do it right" the first time. To find out how we can help your organization and its culture, contact us at rjm@dynamicfoundations.com or call us directly at (715) 842-9842.

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