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What is "Coaching?"

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, it takes a different kind of thinking to solve a problem than the kind of thinking which produced the problem. Simply, "coaching" is the process of helping people develop their capacity to think about things (such as problems, people, relationships, customers, products, services, the future) in new and creative ways so that they can accomplish what they really want to accomplish. 

Coaching has an enormously important role in the building and sustaining of great organizations and extraordinary workplaces. People who want to accomplish great things often get stuck along the way. Coaching helps people get un-stuck. An example of this is that while many leaders, executives, and managers in organizations seem to "know" intuitively what they need to do to move forward, few of them actually follow through because they're stuck in some way. Coaching helps people focus on the things that are contributing to their being stuck, and then move beyond them.

A successful coaching process and experience involves several elements:

  • An individual/group/team freely requesting/choosing to be coached and making themselves "coachable"

  • A fully competent coach who is fully committed to the success of this person/group/team

  • Clarity and a clear sense of urgency by the individual/group/team about a commitment to something specific and big

  • A choice and commitment to continue learning through discipline and practice

"Contextual coaching is about helping people develop their capacity to create new possibilities for themselves."

At Dynamic Foundations, we practice "Contextual Coaching". Stripped down to its basics, contextual coaching takes place through a committed relationship between the coach and the person (or group/team). Contextual coaching is listening to how the person thinks about things and experiences the situation at hand (listening for context and commitment), then helping the person learn to think about the situation in new ways so they can create new solutions to problems they might have considered insurmountable.  Contextual coaching is about helping people develop their capacity to create new possibilities for themselves. In other words; unless you learn to think about things in new ways that give you possibility, you'll only get more of what you have right now.

Why do People Request Coaching?

Organizations are complex and people request coaching for many reasons. Mostly it comes down to a person or team having the sense that "they can't get 'there' from here" because of "some reason." Sometimes people have "that sense" that they can't accomplish what they really want, whether the goal is personal, a major organizational objective, or something in between. Coaching is a very useful and powerful approach to use in these situations.

Most often, people seek coaching for the following broad reasons:

  • Seeking help to get "un-stuck"

  • Clarifying needs and goals; then getting into action to accomplish big personal, team, and/or organizational goals

  • Resolving all kinds of complex problems related to people, relationships, trust, and working together

  • Increasing their personal and collective capacity to become better leaders, managers, and professionals

Executive and Team Coaching:  

When you think about it, just like the player and team on the athletic playing field, the executive, leader, manager, team, or employee cannot see him or herself in action.  To help them move forward so they can produce and sustain breakthrough organizational results, they must all be ready to produce those results. 

Teams and individuals need a clear picture of success. Teams and their individual members must have the capacity for being trusting and productive --individually and collectively. At Dynamic Foundations, we believe that values, trust, purpose, capacity, commitment, intention, and action create the glue that holds great teams and organizations together. Coaching helps people establish and maintain trust and values, clarify their purpose (make it come alive), and develop individual and collective capacity to reach goals. Great coaching helps people set themselves up for great success. 

"At Dynamic Foundations, we believe that values, trust, purpose, capacity, commitment, intention, and action create the 'glue' that holds great teams and organizations together."

Coaching Helps You Stay "Ready"

Coaching helps people stay ready. The kind of readiness we’re talking about here goes beyond articulating visions, delegating accountabilities or tasks, or addressing "how you come off to those around you." It starts with a willingness to be coached, to be coachable, to have someone help you prepare for what you know you must do.  Being coached is difficult but extremely rewarding work. We invite you to think about what you could accomplish with some great coaching. If you want to be successful, you've got to get yourself ready to do great things. Coaching can help. Give us a call at (715) 842-9842 or write us at rjm@dynamicfoundations.com

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