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Our Clients

Whom do we serve?

Who is a typical client for us? How does a person know when a call to us will be useful? With which kind of clients are we a great fit?

Our clients sense that not all is well... things just don't feel right.

People ask us for our help for all kinds of reasons and situations. Most frequently, our clients sense that not all is well in their organizational world. Things just don't feel right:

  • Customers are complaining or not coming back

  • Ideal customers or clients are going elsewhere

  • The quality of service is declining

  • Market share is decreasing

  • It's getting harder to make the margins we want to make

  • Complaints from customers and incidents of poor results are becoming more common

  • Things feel "too complicated"

  • Good or "best" employees are leaving the organization or thinking about it

  • It seems to be getting more difficult to get much of anything done in the organization

  • Efforts to change things fail

  • Translating "visions" to "reality" run into problems

  • Managers and employees seem to be working at cross purposes

  • People seem cranky, grumpy, preoccupied; or maybe they are easily offended

  • Employees and management are spending a great deal of time complaining about one another

  • People seem reluctant to just say what's going on

  • People are waiting for someone else to solve a problem

  • People are not being creative

  • It seems to be getting harder to get things done, even the "small stuff"

  • People seem bored or distracted

  • People seem more interested in their own personal problems than in doing their work

  • Employees seem lost or confused or drifting

  • Leaders and managers don't seem to be leading or managing up to their capacity

  • Leaders and managers are competing with one another in ways that hurt the organization

  • People don't seem to trust one another

  • The usual ways of getting through tough times no longer work

  • "Working harder" just doesn't feel like the answer anymore

  • Etc...

What is important to recognize in this list is that they are results; they are outcomes. While they are not desirable, they remain outcomes, nevertheless. There are many possible causes for these outcomes. Starting with a variety of assessment tools and approaches, we help our clients assess what is happening in the organization and resolve it.

With Whom are We a Great Fit?

The "fit" between client and consultant is critical. At Dynamic Foundations, we want to serve a client who is:

  • Open to and interested in achieving world class levels of service and value

  • Concerned about and committed to employees

  • Willing to make significant improvements in the workplace work environment

  • Interested in setting up their organization, its departments, its teams, and employees for long term success; not interested in quick fixes

  • Willing to look beyond "business as usual' for clues and answers to what ails them

  • Willing to upset the status quo in service of a greater future

  • Willing to look at themselves and their own role in creating and keeping things how they are

  • Willing to stretch beyond their traditional comfort zone

  • Willing to focus on the critical importance of the "big picture" and how it translates to every area and employee of an organization

  • Willing to be frustrated as a prerequisite to deep learning and growth

  • Coachable and willing to practice

  • Willing to learn and incorporate new disciplines

  • Willing to have a long term relationship with us

  • Courageous

  • Committed to following through with their promises

  • Respectful of the work we do and what we can offer

  • Interested in leadership, management, organizational, team, and personal development as a necessary and worthy investment

  • Willing to finish what they start

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your needs and whether or not we're a "best fit" with you. Call us at (715) 842-9842 or email us at rjm@dynamicfoundations.com

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