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Building and maintaining an organization that achieves great things and one in which great people want to stay is hard work. Accomplishing both of these things can be very frustrating, difficult, complex, and, yes, maybe even a little maddening...but you already know this. We have found that making them both happen is actually quite doable, and you can learn to make them happen, too. If you let us, we'll help you.

So much of what is good about an organization, or what ails it, eventually exhibits itself in the workplace work environment.

First things First

Attracting great people AND achieving great things as an organization are two phenomena that are "joined at the hip." While they are distinct, they are not separate. One of the most  important things we do is make sure our clients focus on "workplace work environment." Why? Because it is a major factor in whether and how much an organization succeeds. So much of what is good about an organization, or what ails it, eventually exhibits itself in the workplace work environment.

We help our clients do what it takes to become wildly successful.

Furthermore, there is a strong and growing body of evidence of a direct link between an organization's success and the quality of its workplace work environment. Simply stated: extraordinary organizations start with an extraordinary workplace.

Why Bother?

The quality, characteristics, culture, and work environment of a workplace are vitally important. Why? Because extraordinary workplaces are simply "good business" for everyone involved. They're the very best thing to be for all the best reasons:

  • Employees join organizations to which they are attracted and in which they feel welcomed

  • Good employees stay in organizations where they are well-appreciated, fully connected, and fully engaged

  • Good employees stay in organizations that "stretch" them and their creativity

  • Employees in extraordinary workplaces likely find new and creative ways to "share their satisfaction" with the people they serve directly through their work 

  • Satisfied customers are likely to become loyal customers when and where they consistently feel well-appreciated and well cared for 

  • Loyal customers help organizations stay successful and profitable for the long term

...In other words, it all starts with a workplace where people genuinely thrive.

Our clients build their organizations and work environments for success while they build and develop their individual capacities to be successful.

To assure that these highly desirable characteristics happen and are sustained, organizations and the people in them must develop their core capacities to be successful. The systematic and ongoing development of organizational and individual CAPACITIES are the very heart of the building blocks of success. At Dynamic Foundations, we help our clients build, renew, and reinvent their organizations and work environments for success while we help them build and develop their individual capacities to do so.

We believe building an extraordinary organization and workplace is exciting and important work...and we think you will too. Call us at (715) 842-9842 or email us at:

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